Star Wars week part 2

Star Wars week part 2

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It's time to celebrate the love as we finally bring you "Star Wars week." It's a crazy and unexpected week of Force-ful picks from our The 4:30 Movie hosts including Dark Lord of the Sith Mark A. Altman (writer/producer; Pandora, The Librarians), Jedi Master Steve Melching (writer: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels), Bounty Hunter Ashley E. Miller (writer; Thor X-Men: First Class) and Rebel Pilot Daren Dochterman (concept artists; Westworld, Reel Steel, X3: The Last Stand). In one of our most bizarre episodes, we run the gamut from discussing all things Star Wars inclduing a look at Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge and beyond in honor of one of the greatest move franchise's of all-time. The Force Be With You all week long on The 4:30 Movie.

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